Why do people hire me?

Knowledge work is a nasty beast to tame. We have to face new ventures all the time, while all we are left with is a management model borrowed from the last century. Society is stuck in a way of organizing work that assumes everything will work the way we expect it to work. We cannot afford to take this for granted anymore.

Knowledge workers in corporations, start-ups, and professionals need new tools, techniques, and a mindset to explore emerging scenarios, new business opportunities, and give room to jobs they were not even supposed to do.

We need to create value in unpredictable ways, minimizing exposure and risk. I can help you do that.


Corporations hire me when something new pops up that their conventional process is not ready to cope with.

Be it building a new venture, restructuring their process, or making a collaborative tactical decision, I help big organizations to leverage their internal resources and become more ambidextrous.


Start-ups and studios hire me to set their process up from scratch to maximize the experimental throughput.

Hiring a new team, shaping a new value proposition, and fostering total quality in the execution from the beginning are just a few ways I can help bootstrap a new business.


Individuals hire me to improve their business model, fix critical bottlenecks, and get potential threats out of the blind spot.

Regular 1-2-1 sessions help individuals map their business, prioritize effort, and experiment with new pivotal moves.

Photos by Adeolu Eletu, Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦 Glenn Carstens-Peters & Ian Schneider on Unsplash