Lean Thinking, Product Ownership, Product Management, Workshop Design & Facilitation, Coach, Advisor

I am a freelance strategy consultant, based in Turin, Italy.

In 2003 I spotted new agile ways to develop software and, as a young entrepreneur, I gave them a try. I never came back, through serial entrepreneurship and consulting. I introduced agile in Lavazza, eBay Italia, Siemens, and FAO but in 2011 I realized the problem often is in organizations’ governance and in the agreements we negotiate. In the meantime, I became a member of the European Organisation Design Forum (EODF) board for a while.

Usually, I get hired by people who don’t want to waste time, money or enthusiasm. I help those people working together in better ways because that’s a big chunk of our lives.

I wrote a few books:

  • Pro PHP Refactoring
  • A chapter about Test-Driven development (TDD) in PHP Best Practices
  • Extreme Contracts in 2017, on contracts and negotiation in knowledge work.

I also contributed to a couple of books written by Jurgen Appelo.

I am among the founders of ALE Agile Lean Europe network, PHP User Group Roma, and Arduino User Group Roma.

I have a sailing license because of the sea, a glider pilot license because of the sky, and I am a LEGO Serious Play certified facilitator.

I have been paid for coding since 1996, which led me to create three IT companies: I destroyed two, and the third was a success.

I fell in love with lean and agile methods in 2003 and have advocated for better software development and knowledge work practices since then.

Before and after getting hired by eBay in 2012, as a freelance, I worked for many European firms, including Amazon, Siemens, FAO, Lavazza, and Innoleaps.

I currently help companies develop their products in conditions of uncertainty, either in the start-up scene or in corporate venture building.

I love sailing, gliding, building robots, playing boardgames, and, recently, making cider.