LiquidO™ – Mini IAD Trento

Liquid Organization: Anti-Fragility Beyond Design – Agile Saturday #10

Grab yourself an alibi – PHPDay 2013 & Better Software 2013

A software development team may face many problems, many problems each week, each day, hour by hour. Developers blame on managers. Managers blame on coders. Both blame on UX designers. UX designers blame on customers. Customers blame on account managers. Account managers on agile coaches. Agile coaches on DBAs. DBAs on human resources and all of them blame on final users.

OK, enough of that: best players are those who don’t wait for things to be perfect in order to succeed. Those who can cope with the absence of perfection are those who can truly make things better.

Looking for the right swan – LESS2012 & AgileDay 2012

Fact 1. Consultancy is disfunctional: no truly lean business can accept the idea that consultancy isn’t waste.
Fact 2. Consultancy only scales in a linear way. We all want to be shamelessly rich instead.
Fact 3. Contracts and quotations are a waste: no start-up was built upon paper.
Fact 4. Venture capitals are to money what we can be to know how

Bringing these 4 facts together and experimenting on field during the whole 2011 I want to tell you about my new business model (canvas) and common pitfalls trying to support start-ups the lean way. Keeping an eye on Taleb’s Black Swan.