What mom and dad never told you about your job as a developer

If you are a developer and you were born in the 80’s or in the 90’s, it is very unlikely that your mum and dad pushed for you to start coding. If you are even older it is close to impossible then.

Parents from the 20th century were – and are – usually more concerned about jobs that have been around since the dawn of modern era: lawyers, doctors, architects and all those like these. That also reflects on kids dreams: “I will be an astronaut!” you’ve always heard. You never heard a kid stating with steady shining eyes “I am going to be a programmer!”. So far.

To tell the truth, odds are that you had to fight quite hard to convince the whole family that what you were doing everyday once back from school was not wasting time on videogames, but exploring some very interesting new problem, building your mind up around a brand new kind of job that eventually became yours: developing software.

You started developing software because you liked it and you wanted to.

How does it feel now? Does it still feel amusing? Are you still feeling the urge to solve that very next problem? Are you still willing to improve the way you code? When was the last time you learned a new technique?

At least, the bare minimum: do you still like to code?

Ask yourself this question and be sincere for your health’s sake. If your answer is “no”, think about the reasons that brought you here. No one was pushing on you when you started coding, no one asked you to become a professional programmer, you liked it when you started.

What happened in between?