2014: A Self Odyssey

So here we are, all back on track to live this new year plenty of things to do and chances to get. I wish during 2014 you can get a giant step ahead towards your own sustainable happiness.

I decided to kick off this new blog in January to set myself up for a deep and sound self development journey. In the meantime I thought it might be nice to tell you what happens, gather useful feedback from readers and share any lesson should come out of my experience.

I’ll be posting about my jobs, my side projects, experiments, small victories and useful defeats. I’ll be focusing on stories that show how to make things happen.

Tomorrow I’ll post something about my experience in eBay and the reasons why I quit, 2 days ago.

Happy new year everyone by now. It will be great!

Happy new year!
Positive attitude for free here. 🙂
Shot by Francesco Mosca.