Extreme Contracts

Extreme Contracts is a concept I created to redefine negotiation in any job happening in the turbulent and complex environment of knowledge work: designers, developers, architects, managers, photographers and everybody who is in charge of delivering projects with volatile requirements, uncertainty and tons of skills required.

Extreme Contracts is

  • A book
  • A series of workshops

The book

In 2017 I published the book titled: Extreme Contracts: Knowledge Work from Negotiation to Collaboration.

It is in Italian, English version upcoming in 2018. Join the low-traffic-no-spam-max-12-mails-per-year newsletter to keep up to date.

It is available in many formats:

The workshop

A workshop to grasp the key concepts making Extreme Contracts a powerful way to improve your working life by negotiating contracts which won’t be an obstacle to adapt and shape your process on a per-project basis, agile as if you really meant it.

The workshop is strictly hands-on with little-to-no frontal sessions. Serious games and fun are a key elements, because playing only is the right state of mind of a learner.

Upcoming workshops

Next Extreme Contracts workshop in collaboration with Avanscoperta on May 24-25 2018.

Extreme Contracts Workshop